Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Features and specification of Spotchem Electrolyte analyzer

SPOTCHEM EL - Electrolyte analyzer with ion-selective Electrode

      Every E Plate Cartridge has w pairs of highly reliable inbuilt electrodes. Thus no need for external electrode maintenance/ replacement reduce running cost. It is a new generation Electrolyte analyzer with no hidden cost. The machine never consumes reagent for calibration. Calibration performed using Magnetic card  swiping.No maintenance require. The levels of three electrolytes- Na, K, and Cl are measured at the same time on the same E Plate. Whole blood, serum, and urine can be measured with only 22 microliters. A special twin pipette is provided for the drawing and application of samples.


  • Sample: Whole blood, plasma, serum and urine
  • Electrolytes : Na,K, Cl
  • Measurement principle: Potentiometry, by ion-selective electrodes
  • Measurement range : For whole blood / plasma / serum  Na 50 – 250 mmol/L, K :1 - 80 mmol/L ,Cl: 3 - 300 mmol/L
  • Measurement time: About 1 minute
  • Sample volume: About 22 microlitre 
  • Data storage volume: 50 measurement