Sunday, 29 July 2018

TB-Feron ELISA blood test to help for the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

     TB-Feron ELISA is a blood assay that can help diagnose human latent tuberculosis. TB-Feron ELISA is developed based on IGRA(Interferon Gamma Releasing Assay) method.

Global Standard, IGRA-TB Feron Method

     The IFN-γ is a cytokine which is used as a specific marker in the cell-mediated immune response. when exogenous or endogenous antigens are added to the blood, antigen-specific effector/memory T lymphocyte is rapidly re-stimulated to produce interferon-gamma(  IFN-γ).The stimulation technology of effector T lymphocytes in whole blood with a specific antigen and the accurate  IFN-γ measurement in plasma, which are the basis of the TB-Feron ELISA technology. They do not differentiate latent tuberculosis infection from TB 

SD BiosensorTB-Feron ELISA technology

Advantages of Global Standard-IGRA-TB-Feron ELISA

  • IFN-γ is highly stable and high reproducibility.
  • Unaffected by BCG Vaccination.
  • Requires a single patient visit.
  • Result available in 24 hrs.
  • Does not boost responses measured by subsequent tests
  • Short assay time compared to commercially available IGRA TB-Feron ELISA test

TB-Feron ELISA Product available in the market

  • Company name: SD BIOSENSOR Healthcare Pvt Ltd.
  • Plate: Anti-Human IFN-γ coated
  • Sample: 50 micro
  • Detector: a-Hu.IFN-γ-biotin/Avidin-HRP
  • Test Step: Sample->Det->TMB->Stop
  • Total Testing Time: 105 minutes


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