Monday, 12 November 2018

Access 2 Immunoassay System - Beckman Coulter Features

     Access 2 Immunoassay System is A powerful benchtop system that maximizes valuable laboratory space. Beckman Coulter has invested in a synergistic portfolio of products and services for modern healthcare enterprises that are scalable to fit laboratories of any size. Beckman Coulter offers an extensive immunoassay diagnostic testing menu to fulfill patient-care needs.
The Access 2 Immunoassay system uses liquid ready to use reagent packs that contain all requirements to run an assay in one convenient container.

 Features of the Beckman Coulter Access 2 immunoassay system

  •  The throughput of access 2 immunoassay system up to 100 tests per hour 
  •  Sample loading capacity of access 2 immunoassay system 60 samples
  •  Random access with any combination of samples
  •  Rapid kinetics for improved turnaround time
  •  Stat and automatic reflex testing 

Reliable uptime with fewer emergency service calls 

  • Sample probe obstruction detection 
  • Remote monitoring and instrument diagnostics capability through PROService

Beckman Coulter Access 2 immunoassay system Established performance for confidence in patient results 

  • utilizes proven chemiluminescent and magnetic particle separation technology 
  • unique assay-specific protocols for optimal assay performance 

Lower operating costs- Beckman Coulter Access 2 immunoassay system

  • Onboard refrigerated storage of up to 24 assays
  • 50 Test per pack
  • No dedicated water system required

 Intuitive interface and improved ergonomics simplify operation 

  • More than 50 diagnostic immunoassays available
  • Multiple assays available for different diagnostic specialties 
  • Customer-friendly user interface with color-coded icon-driven touchscreen 
  • Internal barcode reader for automatic identification of reagent packs upon loading minimizing Operator loading errors 
  • workstation with a flexible movement for comfort for system operators 
  • Status bar indicator light for easy visibility of system status from across the laboratory
  • Slim-line design, facilitating facilitates easy pack loading
  • Self-sealing elastomer closure
  • No caps, preventing potential probe crashes
  • Easy-to-store kit boxes maximize refrigerator space
  • The typical shelf life of 12 months

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