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Erba H560 5 Part Hematology Analyzer Features and specification

ERBA H 560
Erba has just released their latest 5 – part Hematology Analyzer. The Erba H 560 is an analyzer capable of reporting 26 parameters including P-LCC and P-LCR. Enumeration of Wbc and Differential WBC  in Erba H 560 is done according to Triangle laser-based flow cytometry principle. Enumeration of RBC and platelet in Erba H 560 hematology analyzer is done by the principle of electrical impedance. Erba H 560 Hematology Analyzer requires only 15 micro-sample and ensure low reagent consumption. Three counting modes are available in H 560. They are whole blood, capillary, and pre-dilution. H 560  has a large touch screen color display and large storage capacity. Erba H560 Hematology analyzer also reports research parameter like Nucleated RBC, Large immature cells and atypical lymphocytes.

WBC Differential Counting on the Erba H 560 Automated Hematology Analyzer Using the principle of Triangle Laser-Based Flow Cytometry

  • The intensity of light scattered from a semiconductor laser beam on the blood cells reflects cell size and intracellular density.
  •  Independent WBC/ Baso channel uses a special hemolytic agent that extracts Basophils.
  •  Low angle scatters shows cell size, while the middle and high angle display intracellular information (nucleus and cytoplasmic content). Pulse data thus captured plots 4 2D scattergrams.

RBC and Platelet count by the principle of electrical impedance in H 560 automated hematology analyzer

  • Electrical impedance measures changes in electrical resistance produced by a blood cell suspended in conductive diluent as it passes through an aperture. 

More Parameter with less reagent consumption in Erba H 560 5 part hematology analyzer

  • Erba H 560 aspirate only 15 microliter sample
  • P-LCR, P-LCC, PDW-SD, PDW-CV Parameters aid in the differential diagnosis of cases with abnormal platelet counts
  • RDW-SD, RDW-CV and MCV aid in screening for cases of anemia

Convenient Erba 5 part hematology analyzer

  • 10.4 Large colored LCD touch screen with graphic icons
  • Single page view of the full report
  • ADDM- Unique Auto Diluent Dispensing Mechanism
  • RIMS- Real-time Inventory Management system with RFID

Advanced software in H 560

    • Large storage capacity 50000 reports with graphs
    • 4 USB ports and one LAN port for bidirectional interfacing with LIS
    • Customizable format to transcribe other test results for the consolidated patient report.
    • QC-500 files onboard, L-J and X Bar, Upload or download data via USB

    Precise and Accurate

    • Excellent short and long term precision 
    • Highly accurate with results correlating with microscopic examination and clinical findings.
    • Specific flagging messages to alarm for microscopic slide review.

      • Technical Specification

      • Sample Mode

      Whole blood, Predilute, Capillary

      • 26 Reportable Parameters

      DIFF: Neutrophils % & #,
      Lymphocytes % & #, Monocytes %
      & #, Eosinophils % & #,
      Basophils % & #

      • 6 Research Parameters

      ALY % & #, LIC % & #, NRBC % & #

      • Principle of measurement

      RBC/PLT: Electrical Impedance
      WBC + DIFF: Tri-angle Laser
      Hb: Cyanide-Free Colorimetry
      MCV: Measured
      HCT: Calculated
      Histograms: 3 (WBC/RBC/PLT)
      Scattergram: 3 (2D ), 1 (WBC/Baso)

      • Sample Volume

      Whole blood : 15 µL
      Pre-diluted : 20 µL
      Capillary : 20 µL
      CBC Mode : 11 µL

      • Linearity Range

      WBC : 0 - 300 (x 103
      RBC : 0.00 - 8.50 (x 106
      Hb : 0 - 25.0 (g/dL)
      HCT : 0 - 67 (%)
      PLT : 0 - 3000 (x 103

      • Calibrator

      ELite H Cal (3mL)
      Open Vial Stability at 2-8˚C: 7 Days
      Tri-level Controls
      Elite H5 CON L, N, H (3mL)
      Open Vial Stability at 2-8˚C: 16 Days

      • Throughput

      upto 60 Tests/Hr

      • Quality Control

      500 files with L-J graph
      X-Bar Analysis

      • Data Storage

      50,000 Results with Graphs

      • Dimension

      364x498x431 (mm)

      • Weight (Kg)


      • Reagents

      Erba H560 Dil
      Erba H560Lyse1
      Erba H560Lyse2
      Elite H Clean

      • Interfaces

      4 USB + 1 LAN Port

      • Operating Environment

      Temperature : 15-35˚C
      Humidity : 30-85%

      • Power Requirement

      product en-query

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