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Medical Biochemistry - Bsc, Msc, Course - Eligibility,Duration,Syllabus, Job opportunities

medical biochemistry
Biochemistry is the branch of science that studies the chemical composition and process in the body of living organisms. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, biochemistry was known as physiological chemistry. The term "Biochemistry" was coined by German scientist Carl Alexander Neuber. He is also known as "Father of Modern Biochemistry.

Medical Biochemistry is the branch of Biochemistry that studies the chemical composition and process in the human body. Areas of medical biochemistry include pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical laboratory, and molecular biology forensic investigations. Clinical biochemistry is a part of medical biochemistry in the laboratory where diseases occur when the levels of chemicals in the human body are increased or decreased.

Medical Biochemistry Course and Career Opportunities

Job Opportunity for Medical Biochemistry with Msc/Mphil/PhD 

Medical biochemistry is one of the basic subjects of all medical and paramedical courses. Therefore, the scope of employment in the academic sector is very high. Those who have MSC, Mphil and Ph.D. in medical biochemistry can get a job in medical colleges, nursing, and paramedical colleges. Those with a master's degree can work as a product specialist and application specialist in biochemistry analyzers and reagents manufacturing companies. Other areas of employment for those with a Master's Degree in Medical Biochemistry are Research Laboratories and Forensic Departments

What is the eligibility to join the course of master degree in medical biochemistry


Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry (BSc Biochemistry) or Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT), Chemistry, Zoology, Food Science, Nutrition, Botony, And Agriculture with more than 60% marks from recognized University.

Syllabus and Duration of MSc Medical Biochemistry

Duration: 2 years
Syllabus: 2 years course divided into 4 semesters

Semester one includes Molecular cell biology, Medical microbiology, Medical bioinformatics, Advanced intermediary Metabolism, Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology, and value education.

The second semester includes Genetic Engineering and Medical Ethics, Medical Biotechnology, Advanced Endocrinology, Advanced Clinical Biochemistry, and Biomedical Instrumentation.

In the third semester Internship only
Fourth-semester Projects only

BSc Medical Biochemistry

Eligibility: 50% marks with 10th+2 or Pre-degree or pre-university degree with Physics, chemistry and biology subjects

Duration: 3 Years

Syllabus: 3 years Course divided into 6 semesters

semester one includes Communication skills in English, Introduction to Biochemistry, complementary course and Practical

second semester: Cellular Biochemistry & Methods in Biochemistry, complementary course- 2, Reading Literature in English and Practical.

Third semester: History and Philosophy of Science, General Informatics, Biomolecules, Bioinformatics  complementary course- 3 and Practical

Fourth Semester: Basic Numerical Skills, Entrepreneurship Development, Physiological Aspects of Biochemistry  complementary course- 4 and Practical

Fifth semester:  complementary course- 4, Immunology and Immunological Techniques, Enzymology & Enzyme Techniques and Metabolism and Bioenergetics.

Sixth Semester:, Genetic and Molecular Biology, Clinical Biochemistry, Project work and Practical

* Most of the Health Universities in the world provide Medical Biochemistry course.

Job Opportunities for Bsc Medical Biochemistry

You can work as a biochemist in all small and large hospitals and private labs. You can work as a product specialist and sales executive at companies that manufacture and sell instruments used in biochemistry labs.


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